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Corporation Culture
Taishan Group Corporation Culture Philosophy

Philosophy Name Contents
Developing philosophy Scientific development Safety production Beyond the present Leading the future
Market philosophy Adapt the market Exploit the market Create the market Leading the market
Brand philosophy Credibility weightier than Mount Tai, Honesty cast the good brand
Quality philosophy Quality is produced High standard No defects To be excellence
Service philosophy To move the consumer by sincerity, to create the value by serviceProvide one-stop service
Competition philosophy Superior win and the inferior wash out Survival of the fittest Help others and profit ourselves Compete and cooperate to win-win
Talent philosophy Talents are the most valuable cooperation wealth. Talents are the first asset of the cooperation development.
Management philosophy Scientific management people-oriented Strict incentive and punishment Harmonious and efficient
Work style Sincerity and honesty Truth seeking and pragmatic Simple and efficient Vigorous and resolute
Corporation spirit Solidarity and pragmatic Self-pressurized Exploration and innovation Pursuit of the excellence
Corporate image Excellent staff image Fine production image Eximious advertisement image Graceful environment image
Corporate mission Build arena for the staff Create wealth for the society
Corporate goal Make the production as famous as Mount Tai Create the most competitive enterprise Set the Taishan brand Create a century-old heritage
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