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Taishan Group Co., Ltd. is located at the foot of the world-famous Mount Tai , the transportation is very convenient. Spring city Jinan on the north, hometown of Confucius in Qufu on the south, Beijing-Shanghai Railway to the east, Beijing-Fuzhou and Beijing-Shanghai freeway to the west.
Taishan Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise group of the country leading design and manufacturing of industrial boilers, utility boilers, auxiliary boilers, pressure vessels, boiler installation transportation, cables, the tramline, ship mechanical refrigeration machinery and electronic products. There are more than 4,300 employees, covers an area of 630,000 square meters, total assets of 320 million yuan, holding twelve companies, such as Taian Group Co., Ltd, Taishan Group Thermal Engineering Research Institute, Weihai Shidao Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd,Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd, Luneng Taishan Cable Co., Ltd, Taian Electric Works Co., Ltd. China, Zibo Huadian Exchanger Equipment Co., Ltd. Taian tram line Co., Ltd, Taian huaneng Refrigeration Co., Ltd, Taian Sunshine installation of thermal power equipment Co., Ltd, Taian Sunshine Light Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Taian Boao International trade Co.,Ltd .
Taishan Group Co., Ltd. is the vice chief council member of industrial boiler trade association (IBTA)of china. It is ¡°the 500 largest mechanism industrial enterprises¡±, ¡°the 500 most profitable industrial enterprises¡±, ¡°the 500 creditable enterprises¡±, ¡°top 500 enterprises competitiveness in large enterprise groups¡±, ¡°top 10 enterprises for the ability of independent innovation in the industry¡±, ¡°National "AAA" grade credit enterprise ¡±in China. Mr.Xisen Cao, chairman of the Group was chosen as ¡°The 10 Best excellent Civil-owned Enterprise of the First Session¡±.
Taishan Group Co., Ltd. has the aptitude to design and manufacture A-class boiler and A1, A2 type of pressure vessel, include a national and two provincial-level technology development center, is a state-level key high-tech enterprises, the State Ministry of Science and Technology of electricity that Electric Industrial enterprises base. Taishan Group Co., Ltd. has 520R & D staff, and more than 80 every types of high-level experts, have established a close working relationship with the focus of a number of institutions and research institutions; An endless stream of new products have been favored by the market.
Taishan Group Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, a variety of products to fill the gaps in home market, and is included in the national Torch Program major technologies and equipment for the National Achievement Award. At present, 10 series over 400 kinds of boiler products, 17 kinds of boiler products as state-level new products, included in Shandong Province plans to focus on technological innovation. ¡°Taishan brand¡± attain ¡° China¡¯s top ten best-selling brand-name boilers," "national outstanding energy-saving products" and the "National Consumer Trustworthy Product" and other honors. Group production of "Luneng" brand power electrical equipment, there are more than 10 series, 850 kinds of specifications, is the national quality inspection qualified trust the quality of products. Group of independent development of the ship and its equipment exhaust refrigeration technology to fill the national gap, is now eligible for state-level manufacturing, pay close attention to the market.
Taishan Group vigorously implement the "technological innovation, market innovation, management innovation," Innovation Strategy for the content, Comprehensive strength is strengthened gradually, forming a business model that diversified investment, Operating groups, management refinement.
Taishan Group positions its development concept on the "beyond the present, leading the future". To this end, she will vigorously carry forward the enterprise spirit "unity of truth-seeking, self-pressurized, exploration and innovation, and the pursuit of excellence," to innovate continually.

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