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Taian Sunshine Thermal Power Installation Engineering Co., Ltd

Tai Shan Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale corporate enterprise built by Taian boiler factory, key enterprise for producing boiler appointed by the National Labor Ministry and Machinery Ministry, key enterprise for national industrial boiler, vice president unit of national industrial boiler. The company has been approved as A level manufacturing license of boiler as well as design and manufacture unit for the first and second class pressure vessels. We are one of “the Largest Chinese Mechanical Industry Top 500 Industrial Enterprises”, “the largest Chinese maximizing economic benefits Top 500 Industrial Enterprise” and “Shandong Provincial Top 100 Key Enterprise”. There are 3100 employees in the company with 860 specialized technicians (28%) in different majors. the company covers an area of 2 hundred and five thousands square meters, with the total asset of 8.57 hundred millions.

For the past many years, Tai Shan Group Co., Ltd has always been committing itself to invigorate Chinese industrial boiler, vigorously implementing innovation strategy about “technological innovation, management innovation” , obeying the requirement of the leaders “good quality not equal to good after-services’ deletion”. Do best to think from the client views, make the client feel satisfactory to buy and safety to use. In according to the market discipline, the group company set up a one package service team, “Tai Shan Group Taian Sunshine Thermal Power Installation Project Co., Ltd”, engaging in the whole range of boiler installation. The company is an authorized boiler installation firm appointed by the Labor Department of Shandong Province and Construction Committee of Shandong Province, with C level License agreement and Class1 installation certification of the boiler.

In the recent years, among the fierce competition of market, the Tai Shan Group Taian Sunshine Thermal Power Installation Engineering Co., Ltd unceasing implements the company tenet “Quality First, Credit First, Service First, Customer First”, establishes and consummates very effective quality assurance system and service system. No matter the installation project is big or small, local or non-local, the procedures are completely in accordance with quality assurance system of boiler. The company strictly implements the current Safety Engineering Supervising Rule for hot water boiler, Safety Engineering Supervising Rule for steam boiler, Installation Supervising Rule for organic heat transfer material, Code ofr construction and acceptance of industrial boiler installation engineering (GB-50273) and other related stipulates for construction and inspection. As to the final acceptance of construction of the project, after the single sampling of the local quality department, the percent of pass is 100%. As to the installation, maintenance and servicing, as long as the clients call us, the company will send crack technician to the scene immediately and in time, remove difficulties and alleviate sufferings for the clients, insist on satisfying the clients. The company has its distinction of “installation engineering quality award” and is awarded provincial “Good Contract &Good Faith" enterprise, as well as some other reputations.

There are 117 professionals, who engage in boiler installation, and 26 engineers in the company. Among them, more than 9 with certificate of engineer, 5 with boiler skill, 2 with welding skill, 1 nondestructive testing person at level 3 , 5 nondestructive testing persons at level 2, 2 plumbers, 7 locksmiths, 5 electricians, 4 riggers, 7 firemen, 3 boiler builders, 6 chemical inspectors in water treatment, 24 welder with certificate.

With the construction of scientific team, our company continually replaces and updates modern installation equipment and inspection equipment. Now the company has 6 transportation vehicles, 3 hoists of 25.16 ton, several of machining equipments more than 30 welding machines more than 20 torch cutting equipments and 8 fault detection equipments. Physical and chemical test equipment and all kinds of small scale Facility &Tooling, hoisting equipments, testing equipments are all available. The whole ranges of boiler installation ability are completely supported.

Our company has developed a set of scientific management system and working standards. Now based on implementation of standards, we continually deepen the reform and enhancing the management, and promoting the advanced construction technology in an all-round way. The company will keep thriving competitive strength with unceasing initiative spirit.

As to the various technical parameters and technical performances of our boiler product, technical requirements in the installation, quality standards in the construction and operation procedures in the construction of special projects, our construction professionals have deep comprehensions and achieve skilled operation, so that the boilers’ security and economic operation are fully guaranteed.

The company fights north and south, and takes large quantity projects of installation and auxiliary for boiler, receiving wide high praise in social circles. The company has accumulated rich experiences in engineering construction, such as, the instillation of 2 set boiler supporting equipment (20T/set) in Inner Mongolia Yili Group, the installation of mode DZL30-1.0-All boiler in Singapore Sound Thermal Power Equipment Private Co., Ltd, TG-40/1.3-M Circulating Fluidized Bed in Shanxi Jincheng city Spring Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd, TG-75/3.82-M Circulating Fluidized Bed in Pingyuan Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd, 2 set TG75/3.82-M Circulating Fluidized Bed boiler in Inner Mongolia Hetao Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd, the installation engineering of Mode DZL29-1.25/130/70-AII boiler etc in Taian Eastern Mountain Minan Heat Supply Co., Ltd. As to the installation and supporting engineering of YDW, the example is the full set installation of 3 set Mode YLL-7000(600) YDM in Liaocheng City Donge Linjie density board Co., Ltd. In the construction our company insists on the principle of “Quality First”, seeking credibility by good service, seeking survive by high quality, striving for efficiency by improved management and striving for develop by technology, widely welcomed by the clients.

As a member of Tai Shan Group, our company implements one package service into practice, in the manufacture, sales ad installation of boilers; brings enormous convenient to the users; avoids passing the buck; ensures the good quality of boilers with all round after-service in the installation quality to effect the users’ operation security and economic.
Our company will make corresponding contributions to the users with best installation quality, most reasonable prices as well as timely and thoughtful services. We were, are, and will be your real and reliable friend.

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