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The website is owned¡¢managed and maintained by Tai Shan Group. Please read the following terms carefully before using the website£¬using the website indicates that you have already known and accepted these terms, please do not use the website if you don¡¯t accept these terms.

The usage of the website

The contents in the Tai Shan Group website (hereinafter referred to as ¡°the site¡±) are just supplied to private uses but not business use. For declares about the copyright and other ownership involved in the contents, you should give respect and remain in the transcript. If contents of the website have no right declare, it does not represent website doesn¡¯t entitled to it, and it doesn¡¯t mean that the website doesn¡¯t claim the rights. You should respect the legal interest of the contents and use them legitimately according to honest principle. You shouldn¡¯t amend¡¢duplicate¡¢public display¡¢proclaim or dispense these materials in any way or use them for any public or business purpose in other way. Prohibit using these materials in any other website or other plane medium or network computer environments for any purpose. Copyright law etc. protects the contents and compilation form etc. Any unauthorized using may infringe the copyright¡¢brand and other legal right. If you don¡¯t accept or infringe above convention£¬your authorization of using the website will be automatically terminated, meanwhile any contents downloaded or typewritten from this website should be destroyed immediately.

Information dissemination
The information on this website are supplied as it is without guarantee in any form, which involved the guarantee of marketability¡¢fit for special purpose or non-aggressive intellectual property rights. Besides, Tai Shan Group does not guarantee the absolute accuracy and absolute integrality of the information on this website. The contents or the products¡¢price¡¢allocation introduced on Tai Shan Group website will be changed at any moment without notice. Some contents on this website may have already been out of date, Tai Shan Group doesn¡¯t promise to update them. The information published on the website are maybe the products¡¢program or service that you cannot obtain in your area, you can consult the local linkman and dealer of Tai Shan Group.
The users submit the materials.

Third party website
The interlinkage from this website to the third party website is just as a convenient service providing to you. You will leave the site if you use these interlinkages. Tai Shan Group doesn¡¯t control these website and their contents, neither responsible for them. If you decide to enter any third party website linked with the site, its possible consequences and risks are fully undertaken by yourself.

Limitation of liability
Tai Shan Group and its supplier or the third part mentioned on the website are irresponsible for any damages£¨involve but not limit to damage caused by damage profit¡¢damage data or business interruption£©, no matter whether these damages are caused by using¡¢out of commission of the website¡¢any Web site linked to the site or information involved in any kinds of sites £¨involve but not limit to damage caused by damage profit¡¢damage data or business interruption£©, neither care whether they have guarantee¡¢contact¡¢tort or any other legal basis and the possible damage information received in advance. If you need to maintain¡¢repair or rectify the equipment or data for using the information on this website, you must to shoulder the charges caused by it.

International user
The website is controlled¡¢operated¡¢managed by Tai Shan Group. Tai Shan Group doesn¡¯t ensure the information on the website suit or available for other places outside of China£¬and the information from the region that the information are regarded as illegal. You cannot violate China export statute to use the website or export the information. If you enter the website from the place outside of china, then you have responsibility to obey all the local law. the using items and conditions are dominated by China law, and they don¡¯t collide with the other laws

Tai Shan Group may amend these items at any moment, so you should often enter the page to know the present items, some clauses of the items may be substituted by legal announce or item appointed definitely on same pages of the website. Tai Shan Group can terminate¡¢amend¡¢suspend or desist any aspects of the website at any moment, involving the usability of the property of the website. Tai Shan Group can restrict some character and service without notice and responsibility, or restrict you to enter part or the entire website. Tai Shan Group can terminate above authority¡¢right and permission, you should destroy all the information immediately when these kinds terminated.

The dispute caused by this proclamation or the using of the website apply to the law of People¡¯s Republic of China.

The power of interpretation of the proclamation and the using of the website belong to Tai Shan Group.

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